Our story.

s o c i a l   e n t e r p r i s e: 

a type of non-profit business that employs people and earns income in order to help address perceived social or environmental issues.

Rise & Empower was birthed from the dream to truly empower women in Haiti through sustainable, ethical and dignified employment. The collaboration of FunKeys Clothing and Jasper House Haiti

In 2017, the ball began rolling to make Rise & Empower - “R&E” an official social enterprise. With the creation of handcrafted clothing and accessories, made  primarily with locally sources materials, R&E is a business that will not only provide cutting edge fashion pieces that will long outlast the trends, but will also provide our women long-term sustainable income, empowering them to take back the keys of autonomy and independence for their lives. 

R&E is a platform that launches our women forward to live the lives they’ve once only dreamed of. Empowering women in Haiti through ethical fashion, job creation and thoughtful design.